Black Food Collective(BFC) is dedicated to uplifting the black community by developing black-owned food businesses through investments, educational workshops, and networking events. BFC, is an organization of venture capitalists that are dedicated to impacting investing. Through the BFC, investors give money to black-owned food businesses to allow them to develop their business in exchange for equity in their company. These investors are considered to impact investors because by supporting black-owned businesses they are elevating the black community, adding diversity to the culinary industry, and helping people achieve financial stability. BFC provides resources such as accounting, marketing, and operations help to allow these businesses to get up and running. In addition, the BFC has a Food Incubator Program which develops these businesses they are investing in and helps them thrive in the culinary industry. The BFC participates in many events including Afro Tech Conference, Amazon’s Black History Month Celebration, and Facebook Juneteenth which have collectively generated over $150,000 for our members thus far. In the future, the Black Food Collective will participate in a variety of events including Afro Tech, Black Food Collective Night Market, Feeding the Soul event, and Feeding Tech event which will allow our members to network within the culinary community and create a following. Through a combination of these events and the educational and monetary resources we provide to these businesses, Black Food Collective is able to transform black-owned restaurants and allow them to thrive in the culinary industry.



Black Food Collective’s overarching goal is to provide funding for thirty black-owned food businesses in the next five years. We plan to invest in restaurants, bars, food trucks, and grocery store products, and provide them with all the tools necessary to get their business up and running. Businesses will be able to participate in our “Food Incubator Program” which will be located in Town Hall Oakland and allow members of the Black Food Collective to enhance their businesses and ensure they will thrive in the culinary industry. Our goal is to invest at least $200,000 in each business to make this possible. In return, we will acquire equity in each business. By providing these funds and resources, we are creating a platform for black-owned businesses to build off of in order to achieve financial security, elevate the black community, and add diversity to the culinary industry.