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Black Food Collective (Bfc) is a platform for black owned food businesses to display creative culinary talent and expand business ventures. 


our team understands the value and positive impact the food industry has to the black community. thus,we strive to create a platform to existing and new black food businesses with a goal to drive the community  toward independence, financial security, and  diverse menus of tasteful dishes during our events. 


The Food business historically has always influenced the black community as one of the greatest economic resources, however, in the past few decades we've seen a great decline in black food businesses longevity; BFC is engaging these re-occurring issues by developing a new movement where our bfc events empower black food business owners to build solid foundations through effective marketing and network expansion that will in turn benefit future generations. 

B.F.C. is striving to be a mediator and investor for black food businesses through event planning avenues as well as exposure through collaboration and networking.


organize events. promote Education. Funding. invest. Entrepreneurship.



If are interested in booking any or our members or you would like to become a member, give us a call or email. 

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